Monday, July 25, 2016


Sometime soon I hope to be able to blog again daily. I miss documenting this journey in such a tangible way. Our lives are so incredibly blessed and I love being able to look back on our journey and see how far God has brought us. When I am discouraged and overwhelmed it is so nice to know where we have been and where God is bringing us. It feels as though every year one of our munchkins has significant struggles. This year has certainly been a struggle for Preston. He has had four admissions to the hospital and multiple emergency room trips. Currently we are wondering if there is some type of undiagnosed metabolic disorder with him. Again something scary but knowing that our God is with us is such an incredible blessing. Preston has developed weakness and fatigue that has been progressing over the last several months. We are unsure of the cause. But it has been sad and at times scary to watch. Our trip to the doctor today revealed that he hasn't lost any weight which is certainly reason to celebrate these days. He is such a little love bug and I hate to see him missing out on so much activity wise. Praying for answers sometime soon. Our house here in Massachusetts is on the market and I am really looking forward to not having to be straddling between two different parts of the country. Matt has been working so hard on this house and has done incredible work. I can't wait for him to not constantly have a project to work on in the house once he gets home from work. Samuel and Sophia will be entering fifth and third grades respectively this year! I can't even believe I have a ten year old and an eight year old!!! They both are such incredible kids. I am just so blessed to be able to call myself their mom. Samuel is really enjoying history and we are trying our best to let him experience as much historical stuff as we can. We have taken him to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Plimoth Plantation, and Mayflower II in the last few months, and Lord willing will get to take him to several more places in the upcoming months. Sophia is starting to enjoy reading which I am thrilled about as it has been a struggle for her and now she is starting to actually like it. She continues to make friends where ever she goes, and is such a compassionate little girl. We recently were at the playground and there was a little girl with physical disabilities there, and Sophia just went right up to her and played with her, my sweet little lady. Paisley is nearly three and is in the process of potty training. She is a happy little thing, with a side of sassy! She loves all things girly, from baby dolls, to princesses, to jewelry and pocket books. We jokingly call her a little bag lady some days. I am just so blessed! PS for the life of me I cant figure out how to get pictures to come on here from my phone, any advice?

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