Thursday, April 26, 2012


Gosh I am so behind I don't even know where to begin.... It continues to be absolutely nuts around here! I guess I will give a person by person update and hopefully will be able to put up some photos soon. My computor is still broken so I don't have the capability of getting many photos up. So ME..... Way back in January I started having UTIs, not sure why but they kept happening. I had to go on antibiotics multiple times, and it wreaked havok on poor Preston's belly. I had a CT scan and that looked ok. I am awaiting another procedure next week called a cystoscopy. They are trying to figue out what on earth is causing me to get these repeated infections all of a sudden. I also had some kind of severe allergic reaction a few weeks back. The actual white part of my eye swelled! My eyelid was unable to completely cover my eye! It was unbelievable I have never seen or heard about anyone that has ever had anything like it. My primary acted very surprised and sent me right to an eye specialist immediately from her office. But praise God it resolved and hasn't happened again. Matt has been working like crazy at work and at home on the house. He has been working really hard in our bathroom. That is his project as of lately. It is coming along really nicely. I can't wait for it to be all the way done. It is going to look amazing when it is completed. Sammy...oh sweet Sammy. This little guy of mine has had several rough weeks. We had been doing fairly well belly wise, but about the last two in a half to three weeks he is having lots of belly pain again. I had sent a message to his GI doctor about it but still have not heard back. And we are FINALLY going to see the new specialist for the Eosinophilic disorder this friday! I have a whole list of questions to ask. He also had IVIG this week. The IV start was an absolute nightmare. It took 14 pricks to get the IV in!!!! It was horrible. He of course was such a trooper. But it still stinks to have him go through that. It was so funny at the end, the nurse Miss Chris said to him "Sammy you were so good I want to get you a present, what can I get for you?" And he said "A Wii!!!" She of course said that that was way too much money and he said ok. She then told him he could come up with a different idea so he is picking a nerf gun. Lets see what else with Sammy? Oh gosh, the poor kid has already started with the typical summer injuries, although with Sammy nothing ever is typical. He has fallen multiple times, and hit his head, which always warrents a call to the doctor because of the bleeding disorder. He has hit his face, and gotten bloody noses, he has scraped his shin.... etc. Poor kid is clumsy like his mother:-) Miss Sophia, I have always joked that she is my healthy one, and have been so thankful that she hasn't required all kinds of medical stuff. Well unfortunately that seems to be changing. She turned 4 on March 18th and we celebrated her birthday that weekend. We had a blast, I will do a post on that eventually. So at her four year check up I mentioned to our primary that her eyelashes were growing wrong, they were growing into the eyelid. She had us go and see a specialist to make sure the cornea wasn't scratched. And praise God it wasn't. So I just have to essentially use a q-tip to tease them out of her eye so they are going the right way, and that eventually they won't keep folding back in. We had our follow up with the orthopedic and rheumatologist doctors. Rheumatolgoist continues to believe that this is something other than a juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. We actually had her follow up with ortho last week. He is now very concerned with her spine, and we are going in for an MRI next week. He is questioning whether or not she has something called a "tethered spinal cord." I am so nervous about this and praying again this is nothing. So please be praying for Miss Sophia and all her doctors that are taking care of her that they have wissdom throughout this. And finally Mr. Preston is getting so big. I can't wait to upload the pics. He is so cute. He is almost 7.5months old. He is rolling really well now, and does this "swimming type" motion on the floor in an attempt to crawl. HE LOVES to eat. I have been making my baby food, and his favorite food is peas! He absolutely loves them. He actually gets mad if I try to feed him something else instead. My friend took some six month photos of him that are just gorgeous. I am going to try to get a couple of them from her site on here. He has been having some respiratory symptoms since march 20th, poor guy can't seem to get rid of it. STill no teeth, but he is (continuing) to drool and chew on everything so one of these days:-) That is it in a nut shell, other blurps include: my brother redeployed to Afghanistan, so please keep him and his wife Johanna in your prayers. My cousin got married. Etc etc Yeah I figured out how to upload these from my friends blog. She is a truly talented individual. If you are looking for some amazing photos she is phenomenal. Check out some of her other photo posts she has done at

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